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Posted by Prasada Martala Oct 27, 2009

Like everybody else, I am starting to enjoy the amazing and crisp video quality of Blu-ray movies compared to Broadcast HD or DVD movies. But, while watching Broadcast HD shows or movies, there are occasions that make my eyes believe that Broadcast HD video quality is as good as Blu-ray, if not superior (especially with animation movies). It is not easy to compare these two video qualities without taking into consideration factors like Transmission mode, Compression, Bitrate, Load on Broadcast provider's network and type of the content and your TV settings.

Compression: Blu-ray discs use 1080p maximum and MPEG-4 compression which results in higher possible bandwidth. Broadcast HD transmissions are 1080i maximum and use MPEG-2 compression which results in lower possible bandwidth.

Bitrate: Blu-ray technology transmits the content at 40 Mbps (total 48 Mbps for video and audio). Broadcast HD transmits at around 20 Mbps. Lower bitrate for broadcast HD means squeezing the content resulting in loss of details.

Network Load: Broadcast HD quality is affected by network load which depends on number of subscribers availing the service at a particular time and other infrastructure related factors.

Content Type: CGI rich animated movies lose less details in broadcast transmission compared to a normal movie. This, sometimes, results in a Blu-ray quality comparable movie experience from broadcast HD.

TV Settings: TV Settings play a big role in viewing experience. Factory defaults are not always the ideal settings for a typical home viewing environment. By optimizing your HDTV settings, you can enjoy better picture quality for both Blu-ray movies and broadcast HD content.

All things considered, Blu-ray content has superior quality over broadcast HD content.

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