Netflix streaming is coming to Sony's "Dash" Personal Internet Viewer Buzz this

Posted by Prasada Martala Feb 17, 2010

Sony today announced that its new personal Internet viewer - dash - will feature a dedicated application for Netflix, allowing Netflix customers to instantly watch movies and TV episodes through streaming. The Wi-Fi-enabled tablet device from Sony runs widgets based on the Chumby’s platform as well as Sony’s Bravia Internet Video platform. Dash is already capable of streaming other Bravia Internet Video sources such as YouTube, Pandora, Epicurious, Crackle, Livestrong, and Adding video streaming capabilities to Sony's Dash personal Internet viewer brings Netflix one more step closer to consumer living room.

Netflix streaming service is already available on gaming consoles, internet connected TVs and Blu-ray disc players. With the growing popularity of tablet computer devices and mobile internet gadgets,  Netflix is trying to make sure that consumers can access the content wherever and whenever they want it.

Netflix uses Silverlight technology from Microsoft to stream movies and TV shows from its Watch Instantly online catalog to computers and internet connected TVs.

With an USB port, wireless connectivity, 16:9 aspect ratio, Netflix streaming and 7-inch color touch screen, Sony's Dash is a perfect portable internet device to watch movies and TV shows at home.

Even though Dash doesn't offer as many features as the recently announced iPad tablet device from Apple, its price and ability to stream Netflix videos will attract consumers who don't want to spend $499 on an entry level iPad tablet.

Sony’s dash personal Internet viewer will be available this April for about $199.

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